Welcome to the special first issue of our fifth volume!

Dear reader,

This issue will be kicked off by a physics-themed paper by Robin Ross that studies and visualises pedestrian dynamics and how it is adapted to the rules of social distancing, continued by Jing-Yi Magraw and her law-themed paper examining the impact of zoonotic diseases on Chinese food safety laws. To switch from our COVID-19 papers to more biomedical papers, we have Maxence Liesenborgs and Mayra Albayrak exploring the ins and outs of ARMS-PCR to detect sickle cell disease, while Ina Kronevska and Helena Kissiova argues the potential use of miRNA in the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancers. This amazing issue will be wrapped up by none other than Zena Rodriguez and Tessa Zonneveld and their literature review on iPSCs, to create a solid biotechnology paper trio.