The Impact of Zoonotic Diseases on Chinese Food Safety Laws: An Examination of Wild Animal Consumption in China


As a result of globalisation, curtailing the spread of zoonotic diseases has become almost impossible due to the increasing amount of contact between countries. This paper examines the impact that zoonotic diseases have had on food safety law both in China and internationally, with particular focus on the current zoonotic disease outbreak of SARS-CoV-2. These impacts are reflected in stricter food safety and hygiene legislation, as well as in various other legal sectors such as in wildlife law. Furthermore, the paper explores the difficulties in implementing legislation changes in China due to cultural traditions, and the efforts being made by the government to respect both tradition and food safety. In order to better put in motion legislation changes as a response to zoonotic disease outbreaks, further research ought to be done regarding the influence of cultural traditions, so as to be able to respect local traditions whilst ensuring food safety.


Original Research



Publication date

February 2021


209 - 213