Patents Effect on the Use of MSCs to Allow Further Research in the Treatment of Cancer


Generally, the decrease of successful trial outcomes lacking the appropriate targeting mechanisms results in the treatment of only 50% of all types of cancer. Thus, researchers started to show interest in the use of mesenchymal stem cells as a possible treatment since these possess different receptors on their surface, which in turn can respond to a variety of cancer types. This approach uses an enzyme/prodrug system, nanoparticle carriers (non-virus delivery) or virus delivery. In this area of research, the progression has been noticeable, but the unsuccessful trials should, also, be acknowledged. These cells tend to depend profoundly on the culture environment, thus, on the diversity of the receptors. However, another factor that influences mesenchymal stem cell research are patents. It can be seen as a positive perception in order to protect onesí research, or as a negative one which might affect the advancement of the research itself. A better understanding of the research could, also, influence patents, making them more flexible and adaptive to changes, in order to support the advances in medicine.


Original Research



Publication date

August 2020


196 - 199