A Tale of Regenerative Tails


E. macularius is a highly useful model organism for the study of regeneration. The closer genetic links between E. macularius and humans allow for greater genetic cross-over than genetically further removed species. By having a closer common ancestor, it is more likely that the molecular pathways for regeneration in E. macularius could be induced in human patients. Regenerative abilities vary across vertebrates, but key factors such as TGF-b3 are conserved across the majority of investigated species. By using comparative studies between E. macularius and humans, researchers should be able to answer why humans have such a limited capacity for self-renewal by comparison despite this genetic conservation. Additionally, their status as pets makes them easy to acquire, while their long life-span makes them an appropriate model for long-term studies.


Original Research



Publication date

August 2020


192 - 195