The Hard Science of Sexual Arousal


The act of intercourse without sexual arousal being present is difficult and often painful, meaning that sexual arousal is essential in sexual activity. Its importance is further demonstrated by it also being required for the male orgasm, and thus for the sexual reproduction of humans. Sexual arousal can be caused by a variety of external and internal stimuli, as well as mental and physical ones. These potentially arousing factors are different for males and females. Additionally, men and women have been reported to have very different experiences of sexual arousal. In all genders, arousal causes several physiological responses, such as an obvious change in the genitals and often also changes in behavior. Hormones, such as testosterone and oxytocin, also have an important influence on the motivation to engage in sexual behaviors. Sexual arousal is an intricate interaction between the physiological, psychological and hormonal aspects of our bodies, which this paper aims to explore.


Original Research



Publication date

August 2020


187 - 191