Timelord Physiology


In this paper the author explores the idea of a human having two hearts instead of one. Framed in the context of the Timelords, a fictional humanoid species from the world of Doctor Who, this paper discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of having two hearts instead of one for lifespan, intelligence, and physical enhancement. Beginning by explaining the describing the Human Cardiovascular System, the paper then compares the potential vascular system with two hearts, a so called binary vascular system. Assuming this to be the setup of the Timelord cardiovascular system the effects of such a set up are analysed. Once the effects on the human have been examined a consideration as to why a single heart may have been preferred along the evolutionary development of the human species is included. The author proposes that there would be no significant positive effects on the lifespan, intelligence or physical capabilities of the human with two hearts, therefore such a vascular system would not be favoured by natural selection and therefore a binary vascular system is not observed in the human species.





Publication date

December 2016


69 - 72