A Tale of Love: The Neural Correlates of Romantic Love


An important part of human life across the globe, love can be approached from many directions. One of these directions is a neurophysiological one. This paper reviews past research that has been conducted on the neural correlates of romantic love, in an attempt to explain the neurophysiological changes that occur with romantic love, in humans. Quotes that talk about love and the feelings that arise from it have been added at various parts in the paper. It is rather intriguing to see how closely the feelings that these quotes talk about and the neurophysiological changes associated with romantic love match, and therefore examples of such overlaps have been highlighted in this paper when appropriate, to add a social dimension to the paper. The aim of this paper is review past work done on the subject, as well as show that romantic love can be seen on a tangible neurophysiological level.





Publication date

December 2016


65 - 68