Energy Drinks: Considering the Effects of Caffeine and Caloric Intake on Young Children


Research suggests that there is an on-going trend of children replacing regular soda with energy drinks. Although the influence of these drinks on adolescents has been well examined, young children have not been studied in this context. By examining the biological and psychological effects of caffeine and the physiological effects of excess caloric intake in adolescents, this study will consider the potential impact energy drinks might have on children between the ages of 2 and 11 and propose policies to restrain consumption of energy drinks among young children. The caffeine content and excess calories prove to have adverse health effects and clinical implications for children of this age group. Young children should be restrained from consuming energy drinks by imposing regulatory policies and health education on this topic. Parents should play an important role in regulating their child's consumption of these beverages.





Publication date

December 2016


59 - 64