If you would like to submit a paper, make sure you adhere to the following guidelines. Be aware that a submission (unless it is a submission of an extended abstract) to us means that you cannot submit your paper to another journal afterwards.

All papers must include:

Original research Literature review Clinical cases Extended abstract
Description Scientific reports of the results of original clinical research, or meta-analyses. Selection and interpretation of the literature Describe one to three patients or a single family A shorter version of original research. Submission of an extended abstract means you can submit your full paper to other journals as well
Maximum word count excluding abstract 2700 2500 2000 1000-1500
Abstract maximum word count 250 150

Maximum number of tables / figures 5 2 3 none
Maximum number of references 40 50 25 none

Send your work to: [email protected].

What happens after submission?

Your paper will be anonymously peer-reviewed by a third year or former UC student. If your work is good, we will send you the feedback and you will have two weeks to improve your paper and return it to us. This final version will then be published in our next issue!