Author(s) Title Vol(iss) Pages
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Nicholas Handfield-JonesStressful Sickness: An Examination and Evaluation of Two Neurobiological Theories of Somatic Symptom Disorder1(1)19 - 23
Ruth Ingeborg FalkenbergAn Evolutionary Perspective on Iron Deficiency1(1)24 - 28
Samantha Jenkins, Sarah Valeska KunzeA Cure for HIV? CCR5 Protein Modification by ZFNs of CD4+ T-Cells Used in Gene Therapy to Treat Infections1(1)29 - 33
Victor RijnierseExercise Dependence: Qualification as a Primary Addiction1(1)34 - 39
Jan Willem BruggemanThe Effect of In Vitro Fertilization on Low BirthWeight and Preterm Delivery in Singletons: a Brief Review and Meta-Analysis1(1)40 - 45
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Muppiri Nirmal ReddyRearranging the Equation of Schizophrenia-A Pathophysiological Literature Review1(2)54 - 58
Berna TuvayEnergy Drinks: Considering the Effects of Caffeine and Caloric Intake on Young Children1(2)59 - 64
Uma Prashant NavareA Tale of Love: The Neural Correlates of Romantic Love1(2)65 - 68
Ryan Martin KellyTimelord Physiology1(2)69 - 72
Charlotte KikMaturational Constraint: The Effect of Age of Acquisition on Second Language Comprehension and Pronunciation in Second Language Acquisition1(2)73 - 76
Soedaba Sina AshrafFactors Influencing the Presence of Mitral Valve Prolapse in Pregnant Women with Congenital Heart Sisease1(2)77 - 80
Linde VijnChallenging the Amyloid Hypothesis in Alzheimer's Disease1(2)81 - 85
Muppiri Nirmal ReddyDHA Supplements During Pregnancy: Research Transition from Nutritional Short-Term Maternal Benefits to Long-Term Benefits for Fetus1(2)86 - 90
Madelon EngelsFirst among Equals: Discriminating Driver and Passenger Mutations1(2)91 - 97
Daniel PodzimekPeanut Allergies: Experimental Immunotherapy and the Translation to Clinical Practice2(1)99 - 104
Tanya VulfsonThe Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) on Brain Development and Promotion for the Introduction of Omega-3 Fatty Acids into Childhood Nutrition Research2(1)105 - 110
Charlotte KikMultiple Sclerosis: A Literature Review2(1)111 - 114
Berna TuvayAspartame: A Sweet Alternative? An Evaluation of Aspartame Metabolism in Healthy Individuals and in Individuals with PKU2(1)115 - 118
Tom van LeeuwenSarcoidosis: The Disorder, Its Diagnosis, and Its Treatment2(1)119 - 123
Francois StockartThe Conflict Between Mothers and Foetuses2(1)124 - 128
Victor RijnierseAlirocumab: First in Its Class to Treat Hypercholesterolaemia in Adults2(1)129 - 131
Laura YousifDiagnostic and Prognostic Criteria for Pulmonary Embolism: The Role of CT Angiography2(1)132 - 139
Nick ErmersLeaving Marks2(2)141 - 142
Ilva Noa Stellingwerf, Nuno Marthinho Charneca Martinsβ-thalassemia: A Biochemical Review 2(2)143 - 148
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Sophie CroonThe Hard Science of Sexual Arousal4(1)187 - 191
Zena Rodriguez, Clara VisentinA Tale of Regenerative Tails4(1)192 - 195
Eleni Maria TilkaPatents Effect on the Use of MSCs to Allow Further Research in the Treatment of Cancer4(1)196 - 199
Tessa ZonneveldQuorum-Sensing Mechanisms: Helping or Hindering Bacteriophages?4(1)200 - 202
Robin L. RossThe Social Distance Force Model5(1)204 - 208
Jing-Yi MagrawThe Impact of Zoonotic Diseases on Chinese Food Safety Laws: An Examination of Wild Animal Consumption in China5(1)209 - 213
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Zena Rodriguez, Tessa ZonneveldUnlocking Our Cells5(1)222 - 225
Veronique DierkxPerformance and Experiences across a Traditional, Hybrid, and Online University College Curriculum5(2)227 - 234
Emma WeßelCOVID-19 risk perception in Germany and its implications for policy making5(2)235 - 239
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